• Christina Hendricks Promotes Sustainable Forestry and the Montreal Process

    Christina Hendricks Promotes Sustainable Forestry and the Montreal Process

    The Montréal Process Working Group was formed in 1994 as a bold, intergovernmental response to the pressing need for sustainable forest management. Through the Montréal Process, member countries continue to make a voluntary commitment to work alongside each other to further the sustainable management of their forests and to create a pathway for collaboration and capacity building. Learn more about the Montreal Process… Read More »

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Better Data, Better Dialogue, and Better Decisions

Better Data

NNFP Photography Fellowship

DATA without DIALOGUE and DECISIONS is just information for review, study, and contemplation. The benefit of having data is that it can serve as the basis for discussions that lead to well-informed decisions that can be acted upon. Reliable and systematically collected environmental, social, and economic data can be invaluable in enabling the kind of dialogue that can lead to decision-making. Read More »

Better Dialogue

Roundtable on Sustainable Forests meeting held at Washington DC, june 2011.

DIAGLOUE without DATA and DECISIONS is just conversation. There is nothing wrong with conversation! But conversations supported by DATA that lead to DECISIONS that can be acted upon are critical if we are to work toward the sustainability of the Nation’s forests. What is sustainable to one person may not be sustainable to another person. Dialogue is the only effective way to understand the diversity of ideas and opinions that will enable us to make decisions that support sustainable forest management. Read More »

Better Decisions

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DECISIONS without DATA and DIALOGUE may not be well-informed or accepted by all who have interest in sustaining the Nation’s forests. Because nearly every acre of our forests have been affected by human activity in one way or another, broad-based consensus decisions that result in action are needed in order to make progress toward sustainable forest management. Read More »