• Christina Hendricks Promotes Sustainable Forestry and the Montreal Process

    Christina Hendricks Promotes Sustainable Forestry and the Montreal Process

    The Montréal Process Working Group was formed in 1994 as a bold, intergovernmental response to the pressing need for sustainable forest management. Through the Montréal Process, member countries continue to make a voluntary commitment to work alongside each other to further the sustainable management of their forests and to create a pathway for collaboration and capacity building. Learn more about the Montreal Process… Read More »

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Better Data, Better Dialogue, and Better Decisions

Chesapeake Bay Program, 2000 Partners in a Watershed of 18 Million People

al todd

The Chesapeake Bay is the nation’s largest estuary and its watershed is home to nearly 18 million people. In 1983, the Chesapeake Bay Agreement established the Chesapeake Bay Program, a landscape-level partnership charged with bay restoration. Al Todd served as the Bay Program’s U.S. Forest Service liaison from 1992-98 and now is executive director of the nonprofit Alliance for the ... Read More »

Shared Water Quality Goal Unifies Partners for Focused Action

Riparian Buffers in the Chesapeake Bay Protect Water Quality

Since 2002, we have been organizing the Chesapeake Bay states around the idea of setting a tree canopy goal which they soon did because the message of “trees for people” made good conservation sense. But in the Chesapeake watershed, the connection to water quality credit still had to be made clear. So again it fell to us to communicate the ... Read More »

Trees for Sacred Places Draws Congregations Into Stewardship

Planting Trees to Protect Water Quality

Over the past year, we have been blessed to be working with (The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay) on this tree planting program, Trees for Sacred Places. In many regards it has been a gateway program for congregations. It’s this great opportunity to draw them into watershed health, action and education. At the same time, they’re building community. We’re helping ... Read More »