About Us

The Core Group serves as an informal steering committee for the SFR. The Core Group typically is comprised of 12-18 members committed to a higher level of voluntary participation in SFR work, including planning national SFR meetings, attending 2-4 Core Group meetings per year, drafting and periodically reviewing the annual SFR Work Plan, and reviewing and commenting on other pertinent SFR documents.

Membership includes:

Keith A. Argow Phd., CF, President, National Woodland Owners Association

Donald C. Outen, AICP, Natural Resource Manager, Forest Management & Sustainability, Baltimore County Dept. of Environmental Protection & Sustainability

Nadine Block, Vice-President, Government Affairs, Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc.

Rita N Hite, Executive Vice President, Woodlands and Policy, American Forest Foundation

Graham L. Cox, Coordinator, Open Space and Forestry Programs, Audubon – New York

Colin M Donohue, Executive Director, National Network of Forest Practitioners

Eric R. Norland, Ph.D., CF, National Program Leader, Forest Resource Management, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Guy Robertson PhD, National Sustainability Program Leader, US Forest Service Research, Washington Office

Andrea Bedell-Loucks, Deputy Director, National Partnership Office, US Forest Service

Chris Caldwell, Director, College of Menominee Nation, Sustainable Development Institute

Genevieve O’Sullivan, Communications Director, National Association of State Foresters

Peter Gaulke, Strategic Planning & Sustainability Specialist, US Forest Service