Outreach Partners

Become an Outreach Partner

The Communication and Outreach Work Group (COWG) of the Roundtable on Sustainable Forests has a special initiative to collaborate with organizations, agencies, and individuals to convey information about sustainable forests.  You and your organization/agency are invited to become an Outreach Partner and assist the Roundtable in communicating information about the sustainability of the nation’s forests.

 What Does it Mean to be an Outreach Partner?

Simply stated, an Outreach Partner is an organization, agency or individual that is willing to convey sustainable forests information throughout their organization’s membership/employees. The Roundtable periodically provides news, announcements, event information, and articles for organizations to utilize as appropriate to communicate with their employees and/or members through websites, newsletters, publications and other media that is used.

Why You Are Needed

The issues that surround sustainable forests are multiplying in terms of severity, complexity and urgency.  Few people would disagree that the topic of sustainable forests has relevance to all sectors of society, ranging from lay audiences to natural resource professionals to policy makers.

The purpose of the Roundtable is to serve as a forum to share information and perspectives that will enable better decision making in the U.S. regarding sustainable forests.  Because the Roundtable is an open forum, there is great benefit to having a diverse set of perspectives and experiences “at the table.”

One way to expand participation in the Roundtable, its work and its messages, is to establish partnerships with organizations and agencies that have a stake in the condition and future of the nation’s forest resources.  Over the years, a wide range of organizations (>150) have participated in various Roundtable events.  These organizations have the potential to assist the Roundtable in reaching many more people than the Roundtable could accomplish by itself.

 The Benefits for You, Your Organization and the Roundtable

Partnerships need to be mutually beneficial to everyone involved.  The benefits to the Partners include:

  • Providing your members and employees with up to date information about sustainable forests and Roundtable events and publications.
  • Increased visibility through the addition of your organization’s website and a live link on the Roundtable’s website.

The benefits to the Roundtable include:

  • The ability to extend important information to more people who are interested in sustainable forests.
  • The opportunity to expand the dialogue about sustainable forests by engaging with a wider group of organizations and agencies.
  • Where feasible, the presence of a Roundtable on Sustainable Forests website link on partners’ websites.